Production of ovens

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New...! Our red  wood oven have been isolated already in the works, but not with glass wool, - but with a cork insulation. This saves about 30% and the wood stove keeps the heat much longer than with the usual insulation type (glass or rock wool.)

Only high-grade materials are used. The base plate is made, depending on the furnace size, from a 6-8 cm thick concrete slab. On this concrete slab thick Schamottfliesen be set for the floor. For the construction of the oven vault 10 cm thick, is used baked with 900 degree brick. Everything is then neatly plastered and painted. For the flue is a Flue bellmouth diameter of 14 cm, center or forward, depending on the model, built into the vault. This smoke extraction also has a throttle to regulate the train of the oven can. The furnaces can be awarded quickly bring to the desired temperature by the built-in throttle. Over 90% of our customers use the flue spigot center. As an accessory, you can also order a stainless steel fireplace (chimney), length 100 cm with roof, this can also be found in our shop.


So it looks like if they still had to isolate!

This is no longer necessary with our wood ovens!

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