Dreamlike wood ovens for your garden, handmade with special insulation.


Our extraordinary wood ovens and pizza ovens have already been isolated in the factory, but not simply with glass wool, but with our special cork insulation. The heat storage ability is ideal with the special insulation.





✓ Our product offers you real added value. 99.9% are very satisfied, it is unique!


✓ Our product offers you real added value. 99.9% are very satisfied, he is unique!



BACKEN as in the old days ... More and more people are coming back to it.

With our Wood ovens Bake and cook in a tried-and-tested and traditionally healthy way.

Now buy a dreamlike wood oven, stone oven and bake delicious pizzas and fragrant breads yourself in the garden.


The traditional wood-fired oven/stone oven is very popular. In addition, dealing with easy handling inspires more and more people. In a time of fast-paced consumption We appreciate the honest, the good, the quality.

Our wood ovens are first-class, inspiring and High quality. Healthy bread, crispy pizzas and delicious flame cakes, crafty pastries, loose cakes, juicy suckling pig and roast, barbecue skewers, casseroles, fish and more taste great from our Mediterranean wood oven. Anyone who has ever eaten from our wood oven will quickly have the desire for their own oven, because the radiant heat of the stones gives the back estate its unique flavor.

With us you are guaranteed to find your personal favourite oven. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction, and also like to take a look at the recessions of our customers.

The Mediterraneo wood oven is fired directly. This is in line with the principle of the old tradition. With this type of firing, the initial heat is very high, which then has a very slow and gentle effect Pales. The heat storage ability is very high due to its special insulation.

Instead of preparing food in the kitchen, the garden or terrace with the Mediterraneo wood oven the center of every hospitality.

If you see your pizzas as you like them, place them in your Mediterraneo wood oven and see them eagerly at Baking To. Eating with fresh ingredients is not only good for your health-it's also fun and makes you feel good.

Food as a community experience. Cook, eat and enjoy together. What could be better?


Our wood ovens and pizza ovens, for the garden and terrace, buy from us in Lübeck Absolutely Fair prices.                                 

Selected and reliable freight forwarders deliver your Mediterraneo wood oven safely and quickly to you. If you want to pick up your oven yourself, we will provide you with our staff and a forklift truck free of charge. This service is 100% free for you!

No additional chemicals are used in production, ensuring that no health impairments or damage to the food in the oven occur during preparation. It is not a mass-produced item, which is reflected in the quality of our wood ovens and stone ovens!





We offer a wide range of wood ovens in Germany and Europe.


We have been selling our popular wood-burning ovens for more than 8 years, in Germany and Europe. In the meantime, more than 11000 customers bake with these ovens and realize their dreams every day. The manufacturer produces the Mediterraneo ovens by hand to order for us. We are importers of these highly efficient wood ovens, in Germany. We do not have an exaggerated administrative apparatus, but we prefer to have an oven warehouse for most models and can deliver your favourite oven quickly and cheaply. Each oven is shipped in a custom-made wood box with the forwarding company. This guarantees that your Mediterraneo wood oven will reach you safely. Pizza-im-Ofen         

It is the versatile and varied work that gives us so much pleasure as Mediterraneo. Customers in all their questions Helping us to continue your wishes around the topic of wood ovens is extremely motivating for us. We don't rest on our years of experience, but are constantly working to get a little better. We are happy to answer your questions about wood oven.




What else characterizes him ?!

A good wooden oven should be optimally adapted to the individual requirements as well as to the intended budget. It also depends on personal preferences and taste.

Our Mediterraneo stone / wood oven uses the most classic method of firing. A wood fire is ignited directly in the baking chamber in order to heat the stone. Later it is pushed into the corner or it is completely removed. With the waste heat of the floor and the walls is very hot and fast baked. At all, insulation plays aOefen-in-Laendern decisive role in the quality and flexibility of a wood-fired oven.

In general, the rule is "The higher the degree of isolation, the more numerous your possibilities and the more constant and better your success will be."

We use our special cork insulation, which keeps the temperature of the Mediterraneo stone / wood oven for a long time.

With our fixed and ready insulated Mediterraneo stone / wood ovens you can conjure up delicious pizzas, tarte flambées, bread and much more, and do not need to isolate any more! Tha`ts what distinguishes our oven.


Look forward to a cozy evening with the family on your terrace or on the evening of the party with your friends. There are no limits to your possibilities.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call us

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Wooden oven, garden oven, bread oven, -M100LE model with clay dome and Double insulation, perfect for Your the garden and terrace.

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New Wood oven F100RR, front installation, chimney in the middle, finished isolated (Ofen-Größe: 100x100)

Wood oven, pizza oven Model F100RR made of fired clinker and fire-clay tiles with brick front.


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New Wood oven M120RR finished isolated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The pizza oven for the garden model M120RR is already isolated in the factory, ideal for garden and terrace.

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