Worth knowing about Mediterraneo wood oven



Important information


New ...!

Our cherryred Mediterraneo Wood / - stone oven has already been isolated from the factory! no insulation work, ready to use! 

Our oven have been isolated already in the works, but not with the usual glass wool - but with a cork insulation. This saves about 30% and the wood stove keeps the heat much longer than with the usual insulation type. Our environment will thank you.


Therefore, you must not isolate (glass wool) and not more plaster (mortar). A big plus is the enormous heat storage of the furnace through the factory insulation. This work we have already done for you in the preparation. And that means for you: your stone oven baking, you can fire up immediately and bake off! You should (must) protect your Mediterraneo stone oven from the elements (rain), otherwise moisture into the vault one, which can damage the oven. That make you just as we have our own private Mediterraneo M100RR, made ​​it best: Your insulated Mediterraneo brick oven comes in the color red. This gives you a lifetime of enjoyment from your Mediterraneo brick oven, you should protect it from rain following dimensions:


Apply a waterproofing, eg 1 liter of MEM (facades protection). In addition, you should cover your stone oven when not in use, eg a waterproof tarp. Who wants it more beautiful, can can be tailored by the sailmaker a tarp. This is very effective, looks good and is not expensive. You can also beautify it, while protecting as many of our customers (see customer examples), have made​​. At this point we once again thank our customers who have supplied sand us your photos, very much !!

That's it and it can stay outdoors!

OR ...


To achieve a comfortable working height, set the wood oven on a pedestal, a pedestal or a work island. It is recommended to provide a canopy ..... thus their gem is protected and you are also in the dry!


Very important is the branding of the oven, it is very important to take the oven slow in operation (moderate heat about 100 ° C). 2-3 Days, gradually increasing to 300 ° C  because the furnace still have some residual moisture when it is delivered to you.


The user manual is available here: instruction manual.



(Heating) your Mediterraneo wood / stone oven.


The firing of your wood-burning oven must also be skillful.

Do not use chemical lighters.


First, take crinkled newspaper paper, please do not take high-gloss paper and spread it on the floor. Then place the small-split wood and the combustion chamber with well-dried wood (6-8 pieces of approx. 10 cm thick).

Do not take conifers as it contains oils. It can affect the taste of the food.

As an igniter you take a match or lighter. Open the doors of your Mediterraneo wood-burning oven and open the throttle at the chimney.

If the small split wood does not burn properly, you can blow in air or help with the bellows.

When the wood starts to burn, you can leave the fire alone. Close the upper door, leave the lower door open. Fully open the chimney throttle valve.

Until the stove is now properly heated and also the stones are completely heated, it usually takes one to two hours, depending on the amount of wood and oven size. Depending on the baking plan, the temperature should be moderately exceeded.

Remove the combustion chamber (bake only with bread). Close the throttle and the doors. If the temperature is still too high, the throttle valve can remain open until you reach your desired temperature.

If you want to make pizza, tarte flambée or roast, the heat remains in the oven.

Then push the embers into the back of your Mediterraneo oven and leave the upper or lower door and the throttle about 1 cm high so that the embers do not stifle and feed carefully.

If you want to bake for several hours with your Mediterraneo, it would be counterproductive to remove the embers, do you agree with me?


Our tip: You can check the temperature with the flour test. Sprinkle fine flour on the shamrock tile, the flour will maximally brown, have the right temperature in the oven, burn it, you still have to wait, and the temperature is still too high.

With a bit of practice, you will always be able to do better and you will be more experienced. As a firewood please use only natural wood without paints and glazes.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Mediterraneo wood ovens


  • Can the oven stand in the rain?

No, you must place it in a dry place or cover it after use. This is good for a long oven life and for good functioning.

If you would like to see how our customers have solved this, click on customer furnaces


  • Where can I buy material to isolate the oven?

You do not need to isolate the Mediterraneo wood oven! We have already carried out all necessary insulation measures.


  • How does isolation work and what does it do?

The kiln building consists of bricks that have been fired up to 900 ° C. When the furnace wall is erected, mixing is made to distribute loads and forces evenly in the wall. With refractory cement, these are fitted with a bearing joint and a butt joint. The insulation consists of a composite of cork and a special color mixture, which is applied to the already dried oven (The cork-color mixture is a treasured company secret). In this way the generated heat energy is maximized and expanded and the firewood consumption is reduced.


  • What accessories should I use?

Each oven needs ZUG. A stove in the apartment, there the chimney makes the train. The outdoor wood oven also needs a chimney. You will get it with us. We call it "chimney extraction".


  • Will I receive an instruction manual?

The user manual can be downloaded from the oven description as a PDF file or can be displayed here. You will also receive it on your invoice.

  • Can I paint the stove with a different color?

Yes, we recommend the use of acrylic paint (house-facade paint). Any color composition you want.


  • How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time depends on the destination and the stored furnaces. The oven is stored 4-5 days. If the oven is prepared for you, depending on the weather 4-5 weeks.


  • Who takes delivery?

The delivery is carried out by an external logistics company.