Advantages of our Mediterraneo wood oven

Advantages of our Mediterraneo wood oven

Advantages of our Mediterraneo wood oven


Advantages of our Mediterraneo garden oven in Lübeck


  • Our Mediterraneo wood ovens siAnd already all fixed and finished isolated in the factory.

  • Not as usual, with glass or stone wool, but with a cork insulation specially made for the ovensThe compilations of the components are in protected family ownership. This special insulation achieises a much higher energy yield. This saves you on fuel and protects our environment. In addition, the wood-fired oven reaches the temperature you want much earlier. Quasi a "quick start"The red protective color of the oven is flexible, which has the advantage of preventing hair cracks. 



  • No additional chemicals are used in production, ensuring that no health impairments or damage to the food in the oven occur during preparation. It is the ideal garden oven that allows you to prepare all food healthily.


For over 8 years we have been successfully selling our popular wood ovens in Germany and Europe. Mitlerweile bake over 11000 customers with these stoves and realize your daily dreams. The manufacturer manufactures the Mediterraneo stoves handmade to order for us. We are importer of these highly efficient wood ovens, in Germany. We do not have an excessive bureaucracy, but we have a furnace warehouse for most models. That's why we can offer our Mediterraneo wood ovens very cheaply and also deliver them to you quickly. Each stove is shipped in a specially made wooden box with the forwarding company. This will ensure that your Mediterraneo wood oven reaches you safely.


It's not a mass item, it translates into quality! Our product offers you real added value. 99.9% are very satisfied, it is unique!


What else sets him apart?!


A good wood-fired oven should be adapted to your individual requirements and, of course, to the planned budget. It also depends on personal preferences and taste.

Our Mediterraneo wood oven/stone oven uses the most classic method for firing. Here, a wood fire is lit directly in the baking chamber to heat up the stone. Later it is pushed into the corner or it is removed altogether. With the waste heat of the floor and the walls is baked very hot and fast. In general, insulation plays a crucial role in the quality and flexibility of your wood oven. General, the rule "The higher the degree of isolation, the more numerous your possibilities are and the more constant and better your sense of achievement will be." We start with our special cork insulation, which persists the temperature of the Mediterraneo wood oven over a long period of time.


With our fixed and fully insulated Mediterraneo wood ovens/stone ovens, you can conjure up and isolate delicious pizzas, flame cakes, bread, cakes and much more in no time! With the skewers specially made for our ovens, you can also grill meat. In one sentence, the following can be said: Everything you process at home with your kitchen stove, you can do much better and taste even better, also with our Mediterraneo wood oven!


Look forward to a leisurely evening with your family on your terrace or to the permanent commitment to the party with your friends. There are really no limits to their possibilities.


We are always available to answer any further questions you may have. Just call us; Or visit us in Lübeck; Or use ours, click here! Contact.


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