So it's not entirely without accessories. It when you order the stone oven here, the same also to the accessories's best !

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Stainless steel chimney hood

Product no.: TI100

Stainless steel chimney hood with roof, suitable for all Mediterraneo brick oven models: length 100 cm.

77.00 *
In stock

Stainless steel chimney roof

Product no.: TIXI

Stainless steel chimney roof.

Suitable for the chimney TI100.

28.00 *
In stock

Stainless steel chimney extension without roof

Product no.: TIO

Stainless steel chimney hood without roof, suitable for all Mediterraneo brick oven models: length 100 cm.

57.00 *
In stock

New Stainless steel oven thermometer

Product no.: 33-1030006

Art.Nr. 33-1030006

Stainless steel oven thermometer inside for Mediterraneo wood ovens

Order: 33-1030006








14.50 *
In stock

oven thermometer

Product no.: T500

Oven thermometer T500

Suitable for all stoves Mediterraneo.

for installation in the right side of the oven door.

25.00 *
In stock

New Infratred oven-thermometer to 550 ° C

Product no.: 34-44550

Order: 34-44550.

Infrared oven thermometer to 550 ° C, for all Mediterraneo Wood burning ovens.

Safe and easy to use. 


29.00 *
In stock

Stainless steel rotisserie for Mediterraneo Wood burning ovens

Product no.: E80/E100/E120/E140

Stainless steel rotisserie for Mediterraneo wood ovens, very stable and solid design.

Art.Nr. E80/E100/ E120/140




from 53.00 *

New Second level back

Product no.: ST-568765

Art.Nr. St-568765


Second level back:

Gar stand suitable for any Mediterraneo Woodburning stove.


17.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 14 days

New aluminum pizza shovel

Product no.: Pizzaschaufel 88081

Art.Nr. 88081:  

pizza peel of  Lauterjung Solingen


pizza shovel shovel bread made of

aluminum with wooden handl. Satin polished.


66.00 *
In stock

Extra-width door, 500 cm wide, for M130RR and M140RR models

Product no.: PZ50

Art.Nr. PZ50

Extra-width door only for the wood ovens of models M130RR and M140RR oven. (Special size)



65.00 *
In stock

Oven stand for Mediterraneo woodoven M100RR

Product no.: SF0056

No. SF0056

Oven stand with 4 wheels only in conjunction with a

Mediterraneo-wood oven model M100RR


195.00 *
must be ordered
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